Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daybook - Introduction

It's been a while since my last post. Life has been up and down for me lately, but I am not complaining one bit. As I always say, "Life is an adventure."

Anyways, the reason why I am starting this series of commentary is, I think, of great benefit for myself. My professor recently assigned an ongoing project called the daybook. A daybook is supposed to serve as a sort philosophical journal, in which I can freely express my ideas and concerns regarding any subject. I am very excited to begin this endeavor - mostly because it will enhance and sculpt my worldview and understanding.

And it may come to a surprise to some as to why I chose to make this information public. In all honesty, the reason is somewhat personal. I think that it would prove beneficial for me in the sense that I can freely come to terms with my own identity. Character is a struggle for many people. If one would deny this fact, they are making a bold claim indeed.

So, what I will provide, through the next few months, is my journey on paper (or cyber paper, for that matter). As always, I am open to any commentary or suggestions. Do not be afraid to comment on my posts.

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