Friday, June 8, 2012

Early Riser

It's the end of the day, and just for kicks, I decide to reflect on all of the things I have accomplished throughout.  During the school year, I often think about all of the homework I have completed and happily celebrate internally. The contentedness just seems to take over and I feel, in that instant, my mind ease into a state of complacency. I even think that Toni is quick to notice these occasions. 

Sometimes, there will be days where I am overwhelmingly flustered due to my inability to accomplish tasks. I think I found a remedy! It's waking up early! I know, I know, some people might read this and scoff at the idea. "Why in the world would I give up my beauty rest?" But it seems to work, at least for me. Rising early usually led to more time to get things done. I think the transcendentalists were correct in extolling the usefulness of waking up early. 

I even reward myself with a frappucino from Quick Trip on most mornings. 

Hey, everyone needs motivation!


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