Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Philosohpy at a Grocery Store...

This actually happened about a week ago, I just never had the chance to post a blog about it. I was manning my post at the counter of the deli. Tom looked up at me, and in great gleefulness he smiled just like he always does. He is not like me.

It's interesting to notice when people think differently than yourself. They might have a different way of reasoning about things or might talk about sports more than you do. But Tom is a very logical thinker- to the extreme. (So is my formal logic professor, on an obvious note). Tom is a mathematics professor for Wildwood Community College and he is very wise.

I do not think that I was ever logical or wise.

Tom knows I am a philosophy major, and he surprisingly likes to talk about ethics. One time we were talking about what to do about corporate corruption. But this past week, he actually told me a story that involved himself.

Basically, Tom was backing out of his parking space at the store and a woman drove up behind him and blocked him. After getting out of his car in great haste and befuddlement, Tom addressed the woman. He said that the woman was driving an average car with a child in the back seat. He said that the women asked him for twenty-eight dollars in order to purchase a ticket to see a distant relative.

After pondering the possibilities, Tom decided to decline her request and get back into his car. He also told me his decision was affected by the fact that he had pickpocket experience that involved him in Paris. The fact that the woman was heavy set did not add up to her being in need of any nourishment; and she was driving a car.

Regardless of the soundness of his argument, it is just awesome to actually take time to talk to someone else about ethical issues and situations. It lets me escape from the theoretical realm of books and enter into actuality.

"Philosophy actually exists in the world," thought I.

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