Monday, September 24, 2012

The Conscientious Revelation

There is a stunning and insightful revelation that has come upon me recently. Most of the time, I pass and mosey on through my day's work with a routine. I sometimes fail to notice and attune myself to the various interactions with others. We all do it; we don't always make that effort to get to know - not just the person - but the moment of interaction between you and the other person.

This other person - this other conscious being who has been equipped with the same tools in which they view the world - seems like an anomaly in nature. Not just their sensual capacity is the highlight of this discovery, for even animals have the innocent and unreasoned capacity to view atoms in motion. The fact that this other being can reason is such a profound revelation in itself.

Current biological evidence seems to imply that no other organisms function with reason intact. Of course, when looking at the vastness of the universe, there is a great possibility that other beings will be discovered. When you notice this, do you not feel intense feelings of responsibility, pride, luckiness?

I think that this conscientious revelation has the ability to dissolve hatred for humanity. 

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