Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Challenge For U.S. Citizens

I must apologize in advance. This week has been a frustrating week for me. Yesterday, I posted about my personal frustrations with human rights. Today I feel the need to vent about a particular qualm I have with politics, even though the recent presidential election has already passed.

Of course, politics itself is a circus of rich, greedy white guys (and sometimes girls, when allowed). It does not take any special power to notice this blatant fact. Anyone who has access to a computer, which is basically everyone in this nation, can "Google" the political system and observe the travesty for themselves. There is no excuse for ignorance, and there is no need for me to dwell upon this.

Back to the point. Every major election involves the bickering concerning liberal and conservative values. Most "liberals" vote unquestioningly for the Democratic party, while staunch "conservatives" unhesitatingly vote for the Republican party. People are too complacent with their inculcated views.

Such dedicated liberals and conservatives might object by claiming that the Democratic and the Republican party adequately represent their view of the issues. This is not always the case. Candidates can easily concoct subtle, nuanced viewpoints within parties that will have overwhelming influence on how they run in office.

So, I am challenging the citizens of the United States. I challenge them to think about their issues independent of party identification.

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