Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Frustrating Nature of Human Rights

I figured I should write-out my thoughts concerning human rights. I see human rights as a universal law/code that is inherent and inalienable (ideally). It applies to all human sentient beings (animals could be included, but I am strictly addressing humanity). It is indeed the definition described in full inside the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The frustration results because most evildoers remain unaffected after they violate human rights. The responsibility of the United Nations, when formed in 1948, was to quell any such violations. They focused, with the holocaust still fresh on their minds, mainly on the cessation of genocide within national states. Even to this day, this seems to be the mission statement of the U.N. My mind tumbles to the sands on a desolate beach, angered by the viscous waves of injustice.

Genocide and such violations are still occurring, to the dismay of humanity. Some recent examples include the savage genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, and the still occurring cleansing of Muslims from the majority Buddhist state in western Myanmar.

Something else frustrates me about these issues: there is such a vast number of Americans who do not know about these issues. We live in a society that favors and seems to encourage cerebral laziness. There is no excuse for citizens of such "modern" technological societies like ours to remain in a selfish bubble of separation between the favored and the less-fortunate.

There are no excuses now. Me must fight for justice and we should demand that it is pursued. Those who stand to oppose it, if they do not alter their ways to live in harmony with others, should be eliminated from the face of the earth as the last and necessary resort.

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