Monday, December 24, 2012

The Heart of Christmas and Capitalism

Christmas has many meanings, but I want to suggest a human-centered celebration. It was originally based on Pagan celebrations, and later adapted by Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus. To the detriment of many, Christmas has turned into a capitalistic fiasco. In many households, gifts are expected and received as a normality. I know many people who feel obligated to buy gifts for people they care for, and even feel anxious about not finding the perfect present.

Personally, I don't like buying gifts under capitalistic obligation. It is a distasteful thing to buy a present out of such feelings. For me, the heart of Christmas is the celebration of humanity in its pulchritude. It is not a time to reflect on the evil deeds that plague the world, but a time to reflect, with optimism, upon human relationships. 

Capitalism is the enemy of many endeavors. Anyone attempting to settle down to a joyful Christmas dinner has the thought of capitalism bludgeoning at the door of their consciousness. It is a sad fact that many civilizations depend on this economic system. This, I believe, is why many spoiled, rotten children open their gifts with great grievance when they receive something not wanted. Can they not see that even the most hideous capitalistic commodity that they receive is coveted by the world's poor? The plague of capitalism infects even the most innocent minds.

So, I will make it my personal mission to not dwell on unimportant things. Religious aspects are just leftover traditions of the past and nothing more. The modern approach to Christmas requires much mindfulness of the relationships that we cherish. I am trying my best to not let anything else, whether it be capitalism or religion, distract me from the true meaning of Christmas.

Let's celebrate and enjoy the bountiful goodness.

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