Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Life Without God (Update 2)

It's been a while since I pondered about my "coming out" as an atheist. It always helps for me to write stuff down in order to reflect on my progress. The last time I talked about my de-conversion was July of last year. This is what has happened since then.

I must admit that the most insight I get from the religious is through my social media. Oftentimes, I will look on my home page on Facebook and see a plethora of Bible verses and bumper sticker sayings. Perhaps this is why I feel that it is important for me to talk about my story and discuss how blind I once was.

If there are religious people who are curious enough to read this post, whether it be my friends or someone else, I have a message for you: when I talk openly about my atheism or mock a certain religion, I do so as a philosopher first and not as an atheist. There is a problem with many atheists today; they are so concerned about appearing superior to the religious that all of their comments are made with the purpose of vilifying them. But for me, as a philosopher and as a freethinker, all ideas can be discussed and either accepted and built upon or dismissed and critiqued. No idea is in a position above skeptical scrutiny. Absurd ideas (which can be demonstrated as such) deserve to be mocked. This does not mean that I am attacking the person, but I am saying that those certain beliefs are unfounded.

As of now, I cannot get enough of the questions that deal with the existence of a creator. I will take any second I can to listen to thinkers debate points on both sides. Ironically, I feel as if I knew more about the Bible now than I ever did when I was "saved." I can see, in retrospect, my ignorance about what was in the scriptures and how I was taught how to ignore those "unpleasant" verses that loom in the background to any happy verse that has been cherry picked by most preachers.
My skepticism does not allow me to take claims as facts without supporting evidence like I once did. I truly think that my formal logic class really opened up my ability to judge how people phrase arguments and claims. Classes that stress such virtues as reasonable inquiry have helped me develop my skills in determining what is reasonable and what is not.

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