Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Red "C"

There is a certain word, a certain ideology that displays a distinct countenance in this country. That countenance, however great or mere, is one of fear and closed-mindedness of the taboo "c" word - communism. It is well documented: the communistic ideology of Marx and Engels has not displayed moral progress with the tyrannical leaders (and groups) that find themselves fortunate to rise to power. Lenin (and more severely, Stalin) abused the socialistic framework to work for their own pitiful self interests.

Communism itself, however, is a promising prospect. We should not incur pessimism to a system abused by nefarious dictators and militants. Closing the gap between the rich and the poor and securing complete equality for all people are main goals of communism. Any criticism that rises against these goals is a complete bastardization of its purpose. It does not seem accurate (in fact, it seems ad hoc) to judge a book by its cover: to judge communism by those in control.

A problem that seems to propagate the uneasiness that comes along with the "c" word is the history of the red scare in the united states. People were so afraid; most injustices to the self are done in fear. Children were taught to condemn the word like people condemned "witches" in Salem. In reality, we should have enlightened them as to the stupidity and callousness of the dominant. If the children are more mature and of age, then perhaps it is necessary to invoke stories of the histories of cases such as the infamous Khmer Rouge of Cambodia - show how people abused the communist system. We can show them, instead of indoctrinating them, that groups and individuals that practiced communism are historically at fault for its moral depravity. The ideology itself is free from reproach.

Secondly, another problem arises. This problem, unlike the first, manifests in the later history of communism's existence - later in the twentieth century. Toxic fumes emanate profusely from from social conservatives. These people (and surely not all) dwell on the past; they are afraid (fear!) to consider new ideas. Ignorantly, they seek to maintain the edicts of old, finding illusory superiority in obsolete thinking.

Perhaps there is validity in the communistic way of politics. It serves no use to chastise something that has not been considered. Maybe it is time for a change.

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