Thursday, May 16, 2013


How long have I lived,
how long have I looked
upon the walls of pure myst'ry
that displays the small, vague outlines?

A faint glow ruined
darkness around us.
All I see are cloudy figures
displayed by the conflagration.

My thoughts were blameless -
unaffected, pure -
... What one would expect from
a man of confined solitude.

One morn I awoke;
I found myself free.
My torso relaxed, eased from strain;
I stood up, turning to the flames:

Fear overtook me.
The light from the fire
met my unaccustomed vision,
causing an overload within.

But this did not last,
for there was a drive
awakened by my liberty
that felt like a noble voyage.

The drive aptly 'rose
from the other light;
it was extraordinary;
it beckoned for my attention.

So, I climbed the rock
that restricted me.
I walked the gloomy exit path
that led to this strange radiance.

As I left the cave,
I looked around me.
Strange things grew from the damp surface.
Perhaps they, too, sought to see the light.

My gaze went skyward,
recalling my quest.
Large blotches of white objects
floated with the yellow circle.

This moment, the time
I walked from the cave,
allowed me to experience
the realization of day.

My quest didn't end.
My curious mind
was not immersed in enough things.
There was a kind of wonder in it.

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