Monday, July 29, 2013

Bastardized Radicalism

I think it is safe to say that today's western society is more accommodating and pluralistic than times past. This point is by all means debatable, but I cannot help noticing the apparent "liberalization" of the nations. Compared to previous points in our history, our current standings seem, in one sense, revolutionary; it is revolutionary because of increased tolerance. Even though we are far from the ideal state where tolerance abides in a uniform and universal way, there has been much improvement.

Along with this sense of "liberalization" comes unaccustomed factors. To explain more simply, the western states are not familiar with all these freedoms. We are still in this transitory position between irresponsible (and, sometimes brutal) and reasonable living. Perhaps it is naive to think that there exists a pinnacle of human existence. Nevertheless, I do believe we are heading in that direction.

Before the main event, before the climax of nationalism is reached, I have noticed a few people who obtain to radical views. I see people using the benefits of social technology in capricious ways. These are not the ones who write about personal affairs, such as the schedule of the day's ordeals. Rather, the people that I mention are the ones who publicize their thoughts for the sole sake of appearing radical. Sometimes, this comes in the form of a highly outrageous political quip, an unjustified (and dreadfully vague) critique of art, or a personal revelation from a religious source.  These sorts of claims appear frequently from my point of observation.

I must be clear that it is not radicalism I wish to decry, but bastardized radicalism - radicalism for the sake of receiving units of popularity from a majority view. There is a crucial difference, I believe, between radical thinking and rash comments that are intended to result in a heightened sense of morale. Indeed, I must note, there is a sort of radicalism that, upon first glance, appears nuanced and sincere but is actually an attempt to seem unpopular just to receive the same heightened sense of importance as the first category of radical. This type of radicalism is just as guilty of existential fraud as the former. So, let us move away from concerning ourselves with popularity. Once that binding is severed from our concerns, we are that much more focused on the noble goal.     

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