Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Ignored and the Infirm

A garbage man;
the lowest of the low.
People view him as
a necessary bottom feeder:
the lowly fish that turns
pebbles in order to live
while the pelicans mooch
off his work.

It is necessary... yes;
necessary, but overlooked;
necessary, but frowned upon.

The nobility despises him
for his uncleanliness -
which is a result from their own consumption.

They judge him as if
power - true power -
existed only in physical circumstance.
They are quick to dismiss
any speck of humanity
that sings of dignity.

Trash is appalling to these elites;
they cannot stand its sight
or anyone who associates with it.
So, as the years go by, they
continue to cast aside the
garbage man
into the landfills that
he frequents so often.    


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