Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guidelines for a New Socialism

It seems admirable, in this day and age, to concoct new ways of politics in light of the numerous troubles of our current circumstances. Although, it is crucial to resist the temptation to cast aside ideas solely for the fact that those ideas go against our established conceptions of what is acceptable. Slavery, for instance, was seen as a norm before its abolition. Soon after, the degradation of the inhumane ownership could be clearly observed by anyone with developed empathy. So, when investigating and putting forth possibilities about new systems of government, we should not completely disregard our reason, but allow for us to postpone our criticism until after all of the premises are conveyed and tested. And, for this reason, history might not serve as an effective reason for dismissal. For history merely shows the effects of a single system under a certain regime. This does not mean that another approach, one that is entirely unlike those of the past, would fail in the same ways. These proclamations are by no means complete, and will require some further thoughts.  I'm writing this now so I can return to it in the future.

Proposed Criteria for a Flourishing Dictatorial Socialist Society

1. Above all, the dictator must be willingly and unreservedly beneficent in character and actions.   

No leader that is unfit to lead should lead a nation. It is not enough to elect the dictator by use of coercion. And, to complicate the matter, it might not be adequate to elect the dictator by democratic means. For, even in the democratic voting system, there is still unwavering ignorance of the populace. Even today, there are citizens that remain in total oblivion in respect to political events. Usually, monsters arise because of this kind of ignorance: ignorance that, in the end, effects every other citizen. It is unclear, at this point, to indicate the most effective election scheme.

2. Rulings shall be made with the main purpose of benefiting the greatest number of citizens, regardless of class, race, religion, or any other identifier. 

Undoubtedly, there is bias within the current political arena. In the United States, there is a constant fracas between the democrats and republicans, which will be discussed in the next criterion. The purpose of this criterion is to totally destroy such biases before they are manifested in political programs.

3. All party affiliations prohibited.

Even in the beginning of the nation's history, the founding fathers (especially Washington) never intended the implementation of party identifiers. It creates an opposition between citizens that harm relationships and causes opposition where it shouldn't exist. People will be free to speak their opinion about political actions on an individual basis.

4. Amendments on free speech. 

The First Amendment states many acceptable freedoms and guidelines. However, there is one aspect of the article that needs refinement: the freedom of speech. In the new socialist society, there is no room for anger or hatred for some at the disposal of others. Radical groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Westboro Baptist Church will be forced to change their behavior of hatred or be ordered to disband. If such vulgar groups that spout hatred refuse such prohibitions, they will face imprisonment for the sake of the victims of their hatred.

5. The economy will be under the surveillance of the government, and harsh punishments will be issued for immoral use of such powers. 

This is crucial to counter the mania that exists within capitalistic economies. Businesses and markets become so powerful that they can indulge in unfair practices that cause harm to individuals as well as the environment. The surveillance branch of the socialist government will be overseen by the beneficent dictator. He will ensure that no one in the surveillance branch will infringe upon the moral interests of the citizens. If, for any reason, a member of the surveillance branch breaches code of conduct, he/she will face imprisonment at the discretion of the leader. This criterion will surely involve plenty of revising before it reaches applicability.

6. Special requirements for the dictator.

The dictator will live among the people of the nation, and will not receive extra income for the sole fact that he is dictator. Their home will not be something akin to the White House. Their lifestyle must be humble and not extravagant. They will receive citizens upon their request at any time to discuss the topic of their choosing. The whole point is to break down the barrier between ruler and citizen. The military must belong to a separate branch which would oversee the rules of the dictator. Imprisonment of the dictator is the main course of action if such abuses ensue.

7. Special requirements for the head of military

The main requirement is an early indoctrination in beneficence.  Commanding an army requires a special moral awareness. The child will learn, especially, the tragedies (taught also as tragedies) of Nazism and the failed Communists. They must know his moral responsibility. Also, classing in empathy is needed to read and study the dictator. They must ask questions like: Has he gone too far? Will he cause severe pain and suffering of the citizens? Is he mentally unstable? Leaders must also learn to prevent as much harm as possible so they can see where lines are crossed. This is the leader.


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