Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Written for my wonderful soul mate to celebrate two years of love.

I remember the day well

Two years back,
the students went to the desert
to study wildflowers
I felt alone within the class of seven

After gathering my pen and notebook, 
I opened my car door,
finally encountering the
blistering heat of the desert
without structure
Sweat gathered on my forehead

I rejoined the group,
life’s anxieties once again falling upon me
Dusty paths meandered,
dodging the sparse bushes and
occasional rattlesnakes
Sandy air coated my nostrils

We split into two groups –
one had three, the other had four
My group, along with the other two members,
scoured the plain in search of
what was thought a common flower

We couldn’t find it, and I obsessed about failure

Then, I had wandered from the group
I felt liberated to work at my own pace
Walking past the spiny cacti,
my glance fell on the most
beautiful flower I ever saw
The apricot petals blazing with charm

I bent down, the bones in my knees cracking
An awestruck feeling came upon me
I rubbed the petals in between my fingers
like a loner who finds his first love,
caressing the hair of his new found purpose

Just then, I did not care that I was alone

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