Monday, November 4, 2013


Riding down the tracks:
shadows from the tunnel
approaching fast
It devours the car with menace

The cabin lights flicker,
burying, steadily subduing
any trace of worry
Calmness arises from 
abyssal security

Peace is here 
when I think of my home
of many facets:
house, job, 
money, bills, 
girl, love,
writing, car
I sit on the roving seat of affluence
Sometimes, self-consciously, inwardly 
I feel shame at my immodesty

Pained by many trivial matters,
forgetting, once again, 
fortune's  favor

Shadow recedes and gives way, 
daylight emerges from confines
Mountains stand assembled 
in the background of sight:
breathtaking, magnificent  
I'm lucky to have eyes


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