Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inner Confines

the citadel's secrets made public
for all to see, mock, enjoy,
hate, and criticize right before my eyes - delving,
trying to discover any ounce or fragment that justifies

Inner notions; acts of importance -
a trace of importance:
I hope they don't haunt like
Dorian Gray's nightmare
in the mirror,
gazing back from glassy confines

No one wishes that upon themself

That's why the genius separates
and becomes locked, imprisoned
within the citadel of his thoughts
There, one rules:
powerful, utterly powerful;
too powerful for one to listen

Away he scribbles,
far from others; a
recluse in his profuse,
Plato beckons him to sunlight
but refusal refusal

Better off in naivety:
a stone fortress without mirrors
Only stone walls for manic securities



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