Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spikes of Something Else

Happiness is something new,
something gained in little
bits and pieces in life

Misery is the default position:
it thrives in normal routines,
provoked by human interaction

If I prayed I would pray like this:
please god, wise god,
let me converse with noble people

Yet, here I am:
clicks and clacks of keys,
just a screen and me

I am happy

The sound brings soothing feelings,
rare in this age of popularity:
chased, lost,
gained, recovered

Once the sound stops, I am thrusted,
willfully and inevitably,
into the world of interactions

There, refuge is found
in the thoughts of others,
in times when popularity also mattered:
in times when the clicks and clacks
were unknown scratches on
thinly shaved trees

People thrive on popularity,
pitiful and profound

I yearn for the other thing -
that fleeting happiness


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