Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hell in the Real World

glowing coals
ash encrusted 
sinister tiles
burnt meat

people are scared
see the steam?

yes that there:
evaporating piss
and disappears

I know -
balmy memories
dont sooth
in tense pain

try to live them
live again
delude yourself
play with smoke

ignore the others
people always cry

feet hurt?
yes I know
you never become
used —

remember that bbq
you had last summer?
maybe we shouldn't
discuss it

go to sleep
if you can

go as if the dead
could still dream

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello fortunate one

A lucky one no doubt considering all those obscure tribes you learned about in school who cannot read or write

You feel it dont you Feel it in your blood Luck fortune external goods whatever you want to call it

Yet you lose a petty gamble vain gamble fortunate gamble and feel a sense of disappointment

Im feeling lucky Scratch scratch on the five dollar lotto No money gained Some lost Gray smut mocking Internal boo hoos but you keep a straight face

Life continues

And you forget