Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memories that Remain

Imprints of hands
around my neck like
an elaborate rash of anger
and misunderstanding, drawn
to a close by an interrogation
led by people I didn't know

Women with letters after their
names, wide and bulging
eyes searching deep within me,
geographers of rivers
looking for the source of tears

Then, a long drive out, out
beyond parental responsibility,
out to a place where my father
washed his hands of me in the
white porcelain sink that was
faded with agonies

In a few hours, I met more people
qualified to prescribe MeDications,
who told me I would be there a while

There, madness was as normal as
a cherry on a sundae
It comes in different
degrees, becoming
more prominent as you walk
through the circles

Hey, whats your name?
I'm Marshall
Why are you here?
I took a knife to a kitten You?
I was too afraid to go to school
That's messed up

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